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SME Economy


China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil and all the surging economies of the world have done so by paying close attention to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the way they provide enabling environment for such businesses to thrive. No economically viable nation in the world has become so without 100% integration of SMEs.

In Nigeria, we have millions of registered businesses out of which maybe a paltry 20% can boast of still staying in business as of now. The government of the day is not particularly keen in its effort to invest in SMEs; the private sector is doing only so much, and the media isn’t doing much in giving coverage to the efforts of young business startups.

We have to do something; we have to spark the right strategic conversations, engage the right forces of change – the government, media, corporate CEOs and stakeholders.

Our first effort at this is the just concluded Beads and Arts Exhibition (BAE), and it was a tremendous success. Details, pictorials and videos on that can be found on

SME Economy: Impact for Nation Building, is a follow up on that success and a huge attempt to further our effort in advocating for SMEs in Africa. It is also on this backdrop that we extend our invitation to you as a veritable partner.


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