The biggest economies in the world have grown through strengthening of their SMEs. China’s rise to become the second largest economy in the world is a great example; so are Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, and India. Like these economies, small businesses are critical to the emergence of Nigeria as Africa’s biggest economy.

Government and the private sector have invested enormously in the growth process of MSMEs in Nigeria, yet there is still a humongous distance to go before uhuru. This is where Emvirtue comes in.

At Emvirtue, we are determined “to provide a significant platform to empower African creative entrepreneurs to upscale their operations, expand income generation channels, get trained, get mentored, and pull themselves out of poverty” We believe strongly that we can make a difference and that’s why we’ve created Beads & Arts Exhibition (BAE) Breaking New Business Frontiers.

EmvirtueBAE is a 4 days event split between 2 months and will include 100 startup MSME brands in the creative industry, exhibition of over 5000 different creative products and thousands of shoppers, Conference/Training, dinner, local and international media, 2 five star venues in the city of Lagos, it doesn’t get any bigger.

Interested participants are required to fill out a simple form on then call the numbers offered to get accredited by our executives. The project is already trending on social media @EmvirtueBae on twitter and

We reckon that if we must stand a chance at first world economic growth, like China, we must pay attention and develop our MSMEs. As the largest black nation on earth, it is time we take off our gauntlet and get to work.